Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun ways to wear a hi-low skirt =)

Hi-low skirt, asymmetrical skirt, fake maxi skirt, mermaid tail skirt, waterfall skirt what ever the name you call this stylish come back it could be styled in many ways...

While I'm roaming through Pinterest I saw this!

but, I donno where it's from,

To addition to all this I wanna share six more ways to wear this skirt :)

 Sorry about the ugly edits.. I was trying to reduce the dirt on my mirror! 

1. Pull your skirt up just like a strapless tank top... I paired it up with a tight black skirt under. This is how it looks with and without the belt!

2. Next, I turned the lower part in to the side and added a belt pairing up with the tight black skirt.

3. For this 3rd look, with the hi-low skirt underneath I over lapped a loose tank top with the same skirt and a skinny belt 

4.  For this look I wore the skirt with the lower part on the side again. With adding a tank top and a loose cardigan this look is perfect for a walk in the beach... (I know I know summer is gone by now)

5. Casual Friday? This look would be just perfect! Wearing the skirt as a tank top I paired it up with my most favorite floral shorts :) o' and added a cardigan to make it look professional 

6.  For this last look I pull the skirt just a little bit below under the breast and added a wide belt. Now you have an asymmetrical babydoll dress. Simple 

And there you go :) 


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