Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wrack to simply colourful - Tribal belt

So, I had this ugly ready to throw away belt... but the Pinterest happened ^^  In this post I'm gonna share with everybody how to make your ready to throw away belt brand new and fashion approved :) 

Here is the original link to the tutorial I found on Pinterest... 

You'll need,

- Embroidery Thread
- An old belt
- Hot glue gun
- A pair scissors

 Glue the end of the Embroidery thread and start wrapping around.

And you'll end up with a cute colour block belt :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Felt owl on teal tee

I like adding spices to plain new tees ^^ here's an adorable felt owl I created on a plain tee I got from a retail store for just $3.00. 

Here's the plain t shirt I got....

I gathered some felt around the house. 

And this is the template....

And here you go....I added few flowers and a branch with lace for our little owl friend :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana inspired headband

I saw these Dolce and Gabbana runaway headband inspired headbands alot lately in Pinterest. I fell in love and note my self to try one. Yesterday I tried making two of em ^^ I had whole container full of rhinestones, Perls and little paper flowers.

Here is the Dolce and Gabbana one...

Here is mine....

While everything was still out I wanted to bling this adorable purse I got few days ago from walmart for $ yup...five!

With the help of these....


To this....

At the end....


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Natural beauty recipes

These are my top 5 natural beauty recipes :) 

1. Exfoliating face scrub

2 tsp of Oatmeal and 1tsp of baking soda mixed with enough water to create a paste and apply this scrub after you wash your face with warm water. Massage your face for 30secs in circular motion and wash it off with luke warm water. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

2.  Green tea facial toner 

Mix some green tea power with water or put a green tea bag in to hot water and let it cool down. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball before you put makeup or moisturizer on your face. It's best to make this fresh everyday.

3. Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey for soothing acne scars 

Mix 2tsp of Honey with a teaspoon of Cinnamon and nutmeg. The consistency should be thick. Apply this paste and leave it for 15-30mins. Wash off with warm water scrubbing softly.  

     4. Olive oil conditioning treatment 

Massage about 2tps of Olive oil in to your hair and scalp. Get a warm damp towel and wrap it around your head and leave it for 30-45mins. Rinse the Olive oil with shampoo.

5. Orange peel powder and milk to reduce skin discolouration 

Dry Orange peels and grind them in to power form. Add milk to this powder making a paste. Apply on clean face leaving it for 20mins and wash it off with luke warm water.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Adding Sparkles - French Tip

When we first landed to Sri Lanka for this years summer vacation my sister fell off and she damaged her booties.. I mean her shoes..booties.. the toe scraped off and it was ugly to see. So she asked me to do something for it and here is what I did :)

Things You'll need...

1.Tape to keep the glitter out of the area you don't want to be glittered. 

2. Mix Mod podge with glitter. I just like to see glitter when they float :D 
With this mixture you can seriously bling anything! 

3. Apply 2-3 coats....I applied some above the heel too since I felt it looked a bit empty 

4. Let it dry and for better durability and to be water proof apply 1-2 coats of clear nail polish over it 

And this is the finish :) Glittered French tip...

Simple to Unique

I personally don't like wearing plain knit tops. They are boring to me. So I usually get plain tops and make them in to something unique :) something only I have. Here's a great way to spice up your boring tees and tops. 

You'll need,

- Knit top/tee
- Extra piece of fabric of your choice
- Cut out of a heart
- Pair of scissors
- A pencil
- Ruler
- Some pins
- Needle and thread

Here's How to :)

Don't draw outside, remember to turn your tee inside out before you draw and pin

Place the cut off strings wherever you want, may be braid? I did one :) 

Have fun ^^

About me..

Hello everybody :)

I`m Janani Mitchel...and no I`m not new to blogging btw...I`m currently eighteen years old, a Sri Lankan who moved to Canada few years ago. I`m a first year Fashion student. Goal is to score as a Fashion Designer. I love doing photography...mostly nature. Colourful and outgoing are the words that describe me the best. Cute things and shoes are my weaknesses.. :D
I will be sharing many do it your self projects, crafts, fashion tips and beauty tips.
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