Friday, February 28, 2014

❤ Top ten favorite DIY's of February - Valentine's day ❤

Heey lovies!

             Yes, I know valentine's day is over, but I thought it will be nice to post 10 favorite DIYs end of every month. These are new pins I came across this month. I tried to keep the Valentine theme.

Here they are,

Source: unknown 

Get diy crazy ladies ❤

❁ DIY homemade spiced chai tea mix ❁

Hello Earthlings!

                    Today it's all about tea tea! I'm all about tea! yeah..tea is exciting. lol...
Being born and raised in Sri Lanka makes my tongue appreciate spices. It's a tradition of many Sri Lankans' to drink tea with ginger in any occasion.

so this is a homemade experiment recipe I use when I'm craving some spicy chai tea,

To get snap happy I'm using my phone these day -_- sorry about the bad quality pics friends!

You'll need,

- Black tea bags           

- Some ginger
- Some cloves
- Some cardamom
- Few cinnamon barks 
- A kitchen masher 

1.  Boil some water and add your tea bags

2. Mash your ingredients with a kitchen masher. You could add some papper for a little more spiciness.

3. Add your ingredients to the boiled tea and let it steep few mins.

4. Filter your tea out and ENJOY! :)

The love of tea my darlings! 

♒ DIY kool-aid hair dye & DIY hair lightening ♒

Hello ladies, :)

                   Hope everybody is keeping there well. So today with hair talk.
 I'm sure at least once in a life time you have colored your hair..right?
 There are hair color with various chemicals out there, but here I have a chemical free way to get any color you desire. 

*A quick little note, if you have black or dark hair this method won't really give a pigmented color. So to achieve a high pigmented color you can lighten your hair with this method,

Hair lightening

you'll need,

- Lemon or lime juice   
- Sun light

1. Squeeze half of a lemon or lime in to a small bowl.
2. Part your hair, and add your lemon juice on strands where you need to be lightened.
3.Stay outside in sunlight for about 30mins 
4. Wash your hair as normally and dry  
5. Do this few times until you achieve to results you expected. 

So if you are happy with  the way you hair turned out, lets go and color it crazy shall we!

Kool-aid hair dyeing

Kool aid! yes yes! the refreshing drink!
I'm sure you have heard of this before, but didn't really try to do it.  I really don't know if there's a substitute for kool-aid for those who can't find them. If i came across something I will be happy to update this post.

Dyeing few strands,

You'll need,

- Few single packs of kool-aid
- A tall container
- Some water

Situation of my hair before I color!

 1. Boil some water and add few packs of kool-aid until you get the color you need.

Here's a chart of colors you can get by mixing different flavors kool-aid. 

2. Wait till the water cool down and pour it in to a tall container.

3. Place your hair in to the container and.......wait! 

First I was like,

But then, 

I got tired lol

4. Wait 20 mins and wash your hair with conditioner. 

Dyeing a large area

1. Mix some kool-aid powder with hair conditioner 

2. When you achieve the right color, lather the paste on your hair

3. Wait 20 mins and wash the paste off.

Here's how my hair turned out,

Color on lovies!!! :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New store update! ❤

Hello everyone,

                        oh yeah! you must be wondering, store? what store?
It's actually still on beta testing stage. I opened up a facebook page for my cold porcelain miniatures and charms. Why? because I often get lots of people asking to make some for them and I simply say oh sorry I just make the for a hobby and they often give me the crazy eye asking why don't I do it as for a little business and take orders. I often will give a slouchy answer like oh I have school I'm busy and runaway as fast as I could from them.

So I said to my self what the hack and opened a fanpage yesterday. To be honest it;s exciting. 

Now that is the page, I'm planing to sell my miniature charms from $1 - $5 (Rs.100 - Rs.500) nothing more than that. I do take custom orders. Shipping will be ttly free and also I target customers in Sri Lanka and Canada mostly but I'm wiling to take orders elsewhere too..

And to show you whats available for now in my store,

These sell for $1.70 (Rs.200) each and there will be more available in another two days of time :) I will make sure I update this post by then.

Thanks lovelies!
Enjoy your week!