Friday, October 5, 2012

Colourful bobby pins and ugly drawer. . .

To be honest I donno what would I ever do without Pinterest in my life.. Y U NO follow me on Pinterest and see what I pin!!

bobby pins or bobby pins...  colourful colourful bobby pins..

sooo, with the neon craze I wanted to try DIY-ing colourful bobby pins with nail polish!!! woot!

Just have to take couple of or alottttt of nail polish colours and swap them over your bobby pins..its sooo easy but cute..

Here's what I came up with :)

totally worth it huh? 

while I'm playing around colouring my bobby pins I saw how ugly my drawer is... I use this to store my under garments, leggings and socks..
it's so old and ugly... I said what the hack and gave it a new look using acrylic paint :)
it' not totally finished yet..I'm planing to add some rhinestones and jewels over the painting.. I love how traditional and vintage it looks..

Just stay tuned for updates..

Happy Friday!!!!

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