Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY mustache Satchel bag/Clutch

This is a very easy project but some what experience on sewing will be required...
When I was in Pinterest, like always I saw few clutches and I really wanted to try and make one :)
O' my love for Pinterest lol

anyways these are the things you will be needing

- 1/2 meter of Main fabric
- 1/2 meter of lining fabric

- 1/4 meter of fabric for bottom and sides (recommended a heavy fabric like denim or canvas fabric)
- a buckle/ velcro/ hook and a ring for to closing the flap 

And here's my pattern... (i'm sorry I donno how to make PDF pattern, in near future I'll learn how to ^^) 

it's very easy to assemble everything together...I'm sorry I just have to explain the steps because I forgot to take pictures -.- 

1. Sew the front main fabric piece and the lining together the good side facing together leaving a little opening. 
When you are done turn it inside out and hand sew the opening using invisible stitch  After that press so the creases will be clean.

2. do the same thing to the back piece.

3. Follow up the same process with the two bottom and side pieces and attach them together so you will have a long straight line that's it about 34 inches long.

4. Pin and sew this bottom and side piece around the front and back piece leaving one side open in both pieces 

somewhat like this... (oh! god bless my paint skills xD)

3. Find the middle of the flap and sew the flap piece down.

4. Assemble whatever choice of method you'd like to use on this project to close and open this bag.
I used a hook and a loop..

I used a fancy embroidery stitch my sewing machine had to decorate the flap.  

Added few pearls and a button to the flap line ^^

After all this cutting, sewing and gluing I got this!!!! :)

good thing about this clutch is that surprisingly I can stuff everything I need in here xD at once!

Lol too much? yeah I should prolly stop!

have a nice day :)