Saturday, January 25, 2014

❦ DIY Jewelry travel roll ❦

Hello Ladies,

                   I'm here with another DIY. For this I got inspired from Mr.Kate, She has a great alternative way to carry your jewelry instead of.
I know many of us just have a very grr arrrm argh times when we untangle our necklaces and bracelets like this.

Mr.Kate has a super genius alternative way that you can carry them without those moanings and groanings that cannot be uttered lol,

so I took a shot on my own way to make this, it very easy and I customized mine,

Let's get Started shall we,

You'll need,  

- Two pieces of rectangle fabrics 
- Ribbon
- Fabric glue or any other glue you like (I used hot glue gun)
- Pair of scissors
- A lighter

1. I cut out my smaller square to be 40x30 and for the lager square I added 2-2.5 inches around 

2. Fold the outside extra bit half. Fold it again and glue to make the edges nice and neat.

3. I left one side open. I cut few ribbons that are about 5 inchs long. Mark where the outside fold in, make them in to a loop and glued them in a raw. 

 4. That's pretty much how the basic roll is made. You can hang your necklaces from the loops you just created. 
You can attach a long piece of ribbon on the outside or two, so you can tie your roll close 

As an extra add on I made a roll of faux fur to hold my rings :) 

Easy pacey? and head over to Mr.Kate's website (here) to see her tutorial on these with Ispy DIY.

Enjoy :) and happy Diy-ing! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY T Shirt Update

Greetings to diy junkies and happy new year :)
Hope everybody's new year will be full of happiness,

Starting off with the new diy post, let's admit t shirts are the most comfortable things in the whole wide world next to sweat pants, so here's how to update a boring t shirt to a brand new one screaming your personality.

so we'll be needing,

-  T shirt transfer  ( I got mine from Target)
-  T shirts (Duh) 
-  Pair of scissors 
-  Inkjet printer 
- An Iron 

- Make sure you pre wash your t shirts, most fabrics tend to shrink after washing them 

- I decided to kill two birds from one stone and set up both of my designs in one page,

Yes! I am a Whovian ;) 

- Make sure you flip your image if you are using letters, I used Picmonkey to edit my pictures 

- Cut around the design you printed and carefully place it stright where you want it to be,
- Iron over the paper and make sure you give it a good heat press, if you lack heat the transfer might be stuck to the paper not the fabric and tend to peel off afterwards 

- On the white t shirt I decided to cut carefully around the letters so it won't leave a trail of ugly glue residue

-  Also I heat pressed it a little low to get the rustic vintage look.

- To get away from the boring-ness I cut few straps and stretched it in the back.

For the Whovian representation (hahaha) I cut out the sleeves and made them bows ;) (tutorial here)

because bow ties are cool!