Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY TARDIS skirt and Calgary Comic Expo

May the 4th be with you! :D Happy Star wars day

a good start? nah not really...

                                So last week I told you that I'm going to Calgary Comic and entertainment expo and I sure did go.. Unfortunately I got there too late and couldn't meet Matt Smith nor Karen Gillan :( sob sob.
But while I sob spontaneously I got to see a Tardis what! :D

Well obviously it wasn't a real thing but it was cool enough. I met so many lovely Doctor Who fans around the country. And I did went alone :3 never the less I thought it was the best day I ever spent alone.. lol

Here are some pictures from the event.

Here is how I made my Tardis inspired skirt :)


So first I took about 1.5m of Tardis blue fabric and marked about 3inchs at one side 
These  marked down for the pleats of my skirt. 

I pinched in the pleats and sew them down. Measured it around the waist and cut the extra bits out.

The I cut off two rectangles from a scrap white fabric to make the little windows of the Tardis 
Glued them using fabric glue -_- too lazy and time consuming to sew? may be lol

Then after it till it dry I cut off a long strip of blue fabric and folded in to get nicely edged tapes for to form the windows. Also glued them in like the lazy bat I am xD

And that's pretty much it you lot 

I thought it was simple enough that I could wear it casually.. lol oh boy.. I was so wrong amount of people who gave me the weird eye was bloody too much .. but WHO cares right? ;) I'd wear it often anyways. 

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend...If not enjoyed..

Have creative