Monday, December 31, 2012 - Review

Hey loves :)

Wish you all a happy prosperous new year!

I know it's new years eve but I'm bring you a fashion website review! woot! yes.. I know I've never really done this.. I found few weeks ago and I saw they have super cheap stuff. It's a Asian online shopping website based in China. 

No I'm not associated with them nor they paid me to do this review..

I wanted it to give it a go and order few items.. FEW I said ..hehe I ordered three main clothing pieces and a pair of black lace tights tights.

Shipping wasn't that bad. I put my order on 9th Dec ,they shipped it our 11th I think and I got it today which is 31st Dec.

All together my order was like CAD $18.43 + 5.68 for shipping I got like 20% discount for Christmas time! YAY I love Discounts!

lol anyways  I'm super impressed with the stuff I received. 
It's pretty good quality and materials are very reasonable for the price you pay!
I got another order coming along I put on the 27th Dec. This order I got stuff for my mom and sis :) 

So I will give the information of the item, just click the title to go to the actual item on the website and compare the stock photo to what I actually got..

Long sleeve chiffon blouse

price : US$ 5.49
color : white and black
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Chiffon + ribbed cotton 

My rating : 5/5
Stock Photo:

My mom seriously is in love with this blouse. It's exactly like the picture. And the materials are the same. It's comfy to be on!

long sleeve blouse decoration with kitten wearing Leopard print glasses

price : US$ 4.76
color : white
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Cotton blend  

My rating : 5/5

Stock Photo:

I'm pretty sure my sis will love it :D she haven't seen this yet! Material is super soft but a bit thin. Only disadvantage was that it wasn't baggy like the picture. But I think she will love to layer it and wear it on summer since its so super soft! :)

Tunic bolero fitted Jacket

price : US$ 6.49
color : Khaki
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Polyester cotton  

My rating : 4/5

I'm giving this one 4/5 because the structure wasn't that great. But hey, I can't ask much more for six :) 

I don't say it's a good idea to shop here always but If you are college student like my self looking good fashion pieces for cheap you can give it a go. Customer service is super duper friendly and you have a pretty big range of things you can choose from. 
I recommend this online shop for anybody who wanna give it a go :)

Have a great day and enjoy your New year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY - Tights/leggings/jeggings refashion

Merry Christmas :)

Hope yall had a wonderful Christmas!!

Today I'm bringing my lovely readers a refashion/upcycling project and It's going to be a really straight forward project ^^

Well, enough babbling, lets get started shall we?

You'll Need:

- Old pair of tights,leggings or jeggings!
- Scrap piece of fabric
- Need and threat or fabric glue
- pair of scissors 

I found an old pair of tights that had a ugly hole in the knee area.. I loved the color so, I thought it would be awesome for this project..

- Lay the tights inside out. Mark about 4'' lines starting from up-top wherever you want! 
like this,

- Cut slits along the line.. Make sure it doesn't go through the other side of the tights. We want just one layer of slits! 

- Take your scrap piece of fabric and cut off about 2.5'' x 1'' strips.

- Take a strip between two strips and fold the strip and sew or use fabric glue to make a bow shape!  

- You should end up with something like this after all of your bows are made :)

There you go :) easy peasy right? now you have cute bow tights to rock on with your booties or heels!