Monday, December 31, 2012 - Review

Hey loves :)

Wish you all a happy prosperous new year!

I know it's new years eve but I'm bring you a fashion website review! woot! yes.. I know I've never really done this.. I found few weeks ago and I saw they have super cheap stuff. It's a Asian online shopping website based in China. 

No I'm not associated with them nor they paid me to do this review..

I wanted it to give it a go and order few items.. FEW I said ..hehe I ordered three main clothing pieces and a pair of black lace tights tights.

Shipping wasn't that bad. I put my order on 9th Dec ,they shipped it our 11th I think and I got it today which is 31st Dec.

All together my order was like CAD $18.43 + 5.68 for shipping I got like 20% discount for Christmas time! YAY I love Discounts!

lol anyways  I'm super impressed with the stuff I received. 
It's pretty good quality and materials are very reasonable for the price you pay!
I got another order coming along I put on the 27th Dec. This order I got stuff for my mom and sis :) 

So I will give the information of the item, just click the title to go to the actual item on the website and compare the stock photo to what I actually got..

Long sleeve chiffon blouse

price : US$ 5.49
color : white and black
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Chiffon + ribbed cotton 

My rating : 5/5
Stock Photo:

My mom seriously is in love with this blouse. It's exactly like the picture. And the materials are the same. It's comfy to be on!

long sleeve blouse decoration with kitten wearing Leopard print glasses

price : US$ 4.76
color : white
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Cotton blend  

My rating : 5/5

Stock Photo:

I'm pretty sure my sis will love it :D she haven't seen this yet! Material is super soft but a bit thin. Only disadvantage was that it wasn't baggy like the picture. But I think she will love to layer it and wear it on summer since its so super soft! :)

Tunic bolero fitted Jacket

price : US$ 6.49
color : Khaki
Size : One size (free size)

Material : Polyester cotton  

My rating : 4/5

I'm giving this one 4/5 because the structure wasn't that great. But hey, I can't ask much more for six :) 

I don't say it's a good idea to shop here always but If you are college student like my self looking good fashion pieces for cheap you can give it a go. Customer service is super duper friendly and you have a pretty big range of things you can choose from. 
I recommend this online shop for anybody who wanna give it a go :)

Have a great day and enjoy your New year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY - Tights/leggings/jeggings refashion

Merry Christmas :)

Hope yall had a wonderful Christmas!!

Today I'm bringing my lovely readers a refashion/upcycling project and It's going to be a really straight forward project ^^

Well, enough babbling, lets get started shall we?

You'll Need:

- Old pair of tights,leggings or jeggings!
- Scrap piece of fabric
- Need and threat or fabric glue
- pair of scissors 

I found an old pair of tights that had a ugly hole in the knee area.. I loved the color so, I thought it would be awesome for this project..

- Lay the tights inside out. Mark about 4'' lines starting from up-top wherever you want! 
like this,

- Cut slits along the line.. Make sure it doesn't go through the other side of the tights. We want just one layer of slits! 

- Take your scrap piece of fabric and cut off about 2.5'' x 1'' strips.

- Take a strip between two strips and fold the strip and sew or use fabric glue to make a bow shape!  

- You should end up with something like this after all of your bows are made :)

There you go :) easy peasy right? now you have cute bow tights to rock on with your booties or heels! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Feather Clutch

Heeellooooowwww :3
Yes yes I know I haven't been here for a while, well sorry :| 
I've been working on few sketches and doing some art work..yup!

So, I came across another easy DIY for my lovely readers :) 


what you will be needing,

1. A simple pencil case

2. Feathers 

3. Ribbon

4. Glue (Fabric glue/ superglue/ glue gun etc.)

6. Embellishments

Be careful and be patient when you paste on the feathers to your pencil case. Trust me if you won't, adding these feathers will be a pain in the butt! 

This is how mine turned out.... 
added two lines of ribbon and added little pearls and golden bead flowers to embellish.

Have Fun!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY shorts update :)

So, I know this suppose to be a summer thing :/ well I didn't have blog in summer duh!
Good amount of my readers are from Sri Lanka (secretly woohoo-ing) so, as it's ALWAYS summer there, shorts are a must in a girl's closet..

Bored with your denim one colored shorts? yeah thought so! x) I'm giving you few ways that you can easily update those bad boys and rock them again :)  

Here are few ways how I updated my shorts, not to mention the laziness!
oh well! just enjoy and be inspired :)

TIP : Use a Knit fabric, so that it won't unravel and to achieve the best results with those almost ruffles. 
Few I did before....

Ombre colored pockets...

Dip Bleached ...


Little more Inspirations :)


Want more inspiration???????

Visit here:

Pinterest Inspirations.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY: Colour your hair with pastel chalk :]

Hello lovies :)

Last summer this was going all around everywhere.. like all the other trending I adopted this because I had blond hair last summer...WOOT! yes -.- and it damaged the hack outta my hair... noted my self not to do that ever again! 
anyways, I tried it again on my black brown-ish whatever it is hair 
and made a tutorial for all!

it's cheap, easy, non toxic and wash off easy!

:) you guys give it a try!!

p.s. I forgot to mention if you have curly/wavy hair I recommend twisting hair and then rubbing on the pastel chalk  


Saturday, November 3, 2012

super easy DIY Peplum top

Trust me this is the easiest way x) no cutting no sewing...

quick tip: for the choice of the dress/top I recommend something made of a bit heavy fabric mine was a stretchy Rayon.. cotton and knit will work great :) 

And you'll get :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion sketches =]

Ahem... May I share some of my designing with you?

Few of my sketches I drew for last few months :)


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Janani Uthsara Mitchel SenarathneEditing, reproducing and re-using the Design for any purposes or otherwise, without permission of designer strictly prohibited.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Unwanted Purse makeover :)

I hope everybody had a Spookalicious weekend parting hard and dressing up. 

Guess what! I didn't lol I was too lazy to get dressed and go party and my significant other lives 8000 whatever miles away and I don't feel like going all woohoo -.- yeah yeah BOO me..

Anyhow, There was a little ugly purse lying around the house and nobody knows who bought it or how we got it. Nobody liked to wear it and we used it to carry our nail colors in them for emergency when we were in Sri lanka for vacation. But most of the time it stayed there in the storage. 

I saw it earlier today and wanted to change this miserable fallow up to something that the "girls" in the house including me would use it. oh the misery! 

lets get on with making the world b'ful :D shall we...

Things I used to get this purse out of misery

White acrylic paint 
- Any two acrylic paint color of your choice
- paint brush(es)
- Glossy mod podge or clear nail color 
- A paper or fabric Doily or lace 

Here's how The Unwanted purse looked before the makeover 

I applied few coats, about 2-3 coats of white acrylic pain on the front pocket at first...and waited it to dry

To keep the edges clean I dabbed few drops of nail polish remover on to a cotton bud and cleaned the edges.

Here comes the Doilies! :) Place your doily where ever you like. I prefer to place it starting from the corner. 

Dab paint color of your choice over the doily making sure you'll get paint on in the cut out parts. ( also if you are using lace make sure the paint transfer in to the materiel though it nice and crisp) 

I over lapped my doilies so the colors will contrast out nice.. to the corners where there was no design I mixed the colors around with white paint and added a shading effect. 

I worked with white paint on the top part of this purse too. 
After finishing I applied a coat of mod podge over the painting. Don't worry if you don't have or donno what the shing is mod podge is just use a clear nail polish that you wouldn't mind using. It's just for the sake of protection of the work of art we did and to duh! give it a glossiness xD 

And here's The Unwanted in to everybody's wanted.. but seriously my mom and sister both asked me for it!

Too bad so sad... Finders, painters keepers I said.. 

Happy Painting!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY mustache Satchel bag/Clutch

This is a very easy project but some what experience on sewing will be required...
When I was in Pinterest, like always I saw few clutches and I really wanted to try and make one :)
O' my love for Pinterest lol

anyways these are the things you will be needing

- 1/2 meter of Main fabric
- 1/2 meter of lining fabric

- 1/4 meter of fabric for bottom and sides (recommended a heavy fabric like denim or canvas fabric)
- a buckle/ velcro/ hook and a ring for to closing the flap 

And here's my pattern... (i'm sorry I donno how to make PDF pattern, in near future I'll learn how to ^^) 

it's very easy to assemble everything together...I'm sorry I just have to explain the steps because I forgot to take pictures -.- 

1. Sew the front main fabric piece and the lining together the good side facing together leaving a little opening. 
When you are done turn it inside out and hand sew the opening using invisible stitch  After that press so the creases will be clean.

2. do the same thing to the back piece.

3. Follow up the same process with the two bottom and side pieces and attach them together so you will have a long straight line that's it about 34 inches long.

4. Pin and sew this bottom and side piece around the front and back piece leaving one side open in both pieces 

somewhat like this... (oh! god bless my paint skills xD)

3. Find the middle of the flap and sew the flap piece down.

4. Assemble whatever choice of method you'd like to use on this project to close and open this bag.
I used a hook and a loop..

I used a fancy embroidery stitch my sewing machine had to decorate the flap.  

Added few pearls and a button to the flap line ^^

After all this cutting, sewing and gluing I got this!!!! :)

good thing about this clutch is that surprisingly I can stuff everything I need in here xD at once!

Lol too much? yeah I should prolly stop!

have a nice day :)