Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY - Tights/leggings/jeggings refashion

Merry Christmas :)

Hope yall had a wonderful Christmas!!

Today I'm bringing my lovely readers a refashion/upcycling project and It's going to be a really straight forward project ^^

Well, enough babbling, lets get started shall we?

You'll Need:

- Old pair of tights,leggings or jeggings!
- Scrap piece of fabric
- Need and threat or fabric glue
- pair of scissors 

I found an old pair of tights that had a ugly hole in the knee area.. I loved the color so, I thought it would be awesome for this project..

- Lay the tights inside out. Mark about 4'' lines starting from up-top wherever you want! 
like this,

- Cut slits along the line.. Make sure it doesn't go through the other side of the tights. We want just one layer of slits! 

- Take your scrap piece of fabric and cut off about 2.5'' x 1'' strips.

- Take a strip between two strips and fold the strip and sew or use fabric glue to make a bow shape!  

- You should end up with something like this after all of your bows are made :)

There you go :) easy peasy right? now you have cute bow tights to rock on with your booties or heels! 

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