Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY shorts update :)

So, I know this suppose to be a summer thing :/ well I didn't have blog in summer duh!
Good amount of my readers are from Sri Lanka (secretly woohoo-ing) so, as it's ALWAYS summer there, shorts are a must in a girl's closet..

Bored with your denim one colored shorts? yeah thought so! x) I'm giving you few ways that you can easily update those bad boys and rock them again :)  

Here are few ways how I updated my shorts, not to mention the laziness!
oh well! just enjoy and be inspired :)

TIP : Use a Knit fabric, so that it won't unravel and to achieve the best results with those almost ruffles. 
Few I did before....

Ombre colored pockets...

Dip Bleached ...


Little more Inspirations :)


Want more inspiration???????

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