Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY - Vintage Inspired Jewellery Display

Hello crafters,

                           Today I have an exciting new project to share with you all.. it's a two in one vintage inspired jewellery display. Lately I have been trying to get my jewellery organized in a matter that is handy to gab and wear without trying to look for it every morning. So I have been searching on pintrest of nifty ideas.
That's when I came across this super duper idea :)

I think it's very beautiful and efficient, also it's cheap and easy to make.

You'll be needing, 

- A Photo frame 
- Decorative paper ( Scrapboooking paper)
- Some tiny nails (About 1'')
- A Kitchen wire brush (Or sandpaper)
- Hammer 
- Acrylic paint and paint brush
- Pair of scissors 
- Glue

You can find all these items at your local craft store or a dollar store..

1. First I started by painting the frame. I didn't remove the glass so I will have a guide line where to finish off painting. 
you can also use spray paint. 

2. After the paint was dried I carefully took off the stand attachment at the back 

3. Then using the handy little wire brush (or sandpaper) I scraped off some of the paint to give it a worn out look. 

4. Next I took the glass off and the paper inside. Using the paper as a guide line I cut off a piece of decorative paper for liner.

5. I used my trusty ol' E6000 glue to stick the paper on and also secured the back as well. 

 The paper and the frame went so well together it looked so pretty. At this point of time I couldn't contain my excitement I ran around the house with it. lol 

6. I used the horizontal side and started marking where I wanted my nails to sit. I carefully hammered the nails in place. 

If you are fairly young please get an adult to do this. Sometimes because the nails are delicate it can fly off and you'll end up hammering your tiny fingers.

7. For the empty place with the paper I hammered some nails from the back and when I push them in I put some glue so they will be secured. Also glued some beads to the sharp ends so I won't poke my self.

And there you go :) easy enough.

A wonderful vintage inspired jewellery display.

I donno whether I should call it new or old. lol

Stay beautiful.


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