Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DIY Doctor who River Song's Diary

Hello Lovelies :)

      Hope everybody's keeping well..I haven't been able to do much of the Diys past few weeks with work. But summer's coming so I'm planing to do few tutorials of summer dresses :D hope I will get time to do as I say lol (#1 rule Doctor lies! Maybe I do too xD)

Grab your Sonic screw drivers because we are going to save the world with a journal update today.. Yeah hm hum..badass

As you may already know I'm a huge Doctor who fan aka a Whovian.. I was going through Pinterest few days ago trying to find a DIY tutorial for River songs's diary.. But I had no luck. The only tutorial that was there wasn't there anymore..If that makes sense.. 

So here is my take on the infamous Diary :)

You will need..

- A sheet of craft foam 
- Tissue (later I used toilet tissue paper lol)
- Some glue
- Pair of scissors 
- Tardis blue paint
- Ruler
- Blade

And of cause your Sonic Screw driver.. Pfft I mean then whole process would be nothing without it..

Oh and don't forget some epic background music..HERE I found like The most epic mix ever.. I mean EVER!

- This is my boring old Journal I do sketches on

1. First I covered my journal with some watercolor paper so I can hide the binding and provide a great light background for a even paint job.

2. In advance I actually sketched down how I need the structure to be so I could measure out how much foam I will be needing

3. This is how it looked like after I covered it..

4. I went ahead and cut 5 1cm stripes and 8 3.5cm squares for it to look like the design infront of the Tardis 

5. Placed and glued the pieces in order.. My Sonic Screwdriver helped a lot.. Yeah  

6. To make it look worn out and used I used some toilet paper (it's not only to wipe your poop :D be creative with it) and mixed white glue with water to liquidize it..
Lather the mixture and place the paper on top. It will give it a wrinkled texture, make sure you apply few coats of the glue on top as well.. 
I left it to dry over night.

7. Mixed my self few shades of blue with black to get the effect of worn out Tardis blue.. :3

Allonsy!!! :D now wasn't that easy peasy like Fish Fingers and Custard? 
I think the Doctor was pleased!

Till next time :)

- Janani 

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