Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY - Earring holder (Starring The Doctor(s))

Helloooo :)

                Hope everyone is doing fantastic. Oh I have been busy with work and school.. Yes yes I know I always give excuses. -_-

Before I forget! I'm finally meeting MATT SMITH AND KAREN GILLIAN (11th Doctor and Amy Pond) and at Calgary Comic Expo this weekend! :D

I'm so freaking excited. Finally a Whovian moment to remember!

How many of you have had little bowls full of earrings? and you just dig through it to find the other one of those tiny pair, it's like a never ending dig isn't it? like you are digging a tunnel to China.. ha

What a catastrophe!

 Here I found a beautiful way to arrange your earrings and also to display them very nice and neat!

With this I think I'm more organized. lol

I used some things I gathered from a Dollar store.

So the things you'll be needing,                       

- A Canvas/Frame                               
- Duct tape
- Plastic Cross stitch cavas

easy enough? 

We don't need the Canvas just need the frame..

In that picture I just took it out! And also you can use just a picture frame.

Next you just have to cut around the Plastic Cross stitch canvas for it to fit the frame and glue it down. 

The I just used my duct tape to wrap around the frame so it'll have a nice touch.

aaaaannnddd my duct tape ran out... 
lol then but I found a spare pink one... wasn't that bad was it?

And done :)

Hope you enjoyed my post with The Doctors! lol 


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