Sunday, February 2, 2014

New store update! ❤

Hello everyone,

                        oh yeah! you must be wondering, store? what store?
It's actually still on beta testing stage. I opened up a facebook page for my cold porcelain miniatures and charms. Why? because I often get lots of people asking to make some for them and I simply say oh sorry I just make the for a hobby and they often give me the crazy eye asking why don't I do it as for a little business and take orders. I often will give a slouchy answer like oh I have school I'm busy and runaway as fast as I could from them.

So I said to my self what the hack and opened a fanpage yesterday. To be honest it;s exciting. 

Now that is the page, I'm planing to sell my miniature charms from $1 - $5 (Rs.100 - Rs.500) nothing more than that. I do take custom orders. Shipping will be ttly free and also I target customers in Sri Lanka and Canada mostly but I'm wiling to take orders elsewhere too..

And to show you whats available for now in my store,

These sell for $1.70 (Rs.200) each and there will be more available in another two days of time :) I will make sure I update this post by then.

Thanks lovelies!
Enjoy your week!   


  1. Those charms are adorable. I love the second one. Did you make them yourself? -