Friday, February 28, 2014

❁ DIY homemade spiced chai tea mix ❁

Hello Earthlings!

                    Today it's all about tea tea! I'm all about tea! yeah..tea is exciting. lol...
Being born and raised in Sri Lanka makes my tongue appreciate spices. It's a tradition of many Sri Lankans' to drink tea with ginger in any occasion.

so this is a homemade experiment recipe I use when I'm craving some spicy chai tea,

To get snap happy I'm using my phone these day -_- sorry about the bad quality pics friends!

You'll need,

- Black tea bags           

- Some ginger
- Some cloves
- Some cardamom
- Few cinnamon barks 
- A kitchen masher 

1.  Boil some water and add your tea bags

2. Mash your ingredients with a kitchen masher. You could add some papper for a little more spiciness.

3. Add your ingredients to the boiled tea and let it steep few mins.

4. Filter your tea out and ENJOY! :)

The love of tea my darlings! 

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