Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY - Ever so famous bow earrings

As I promised, this is the second post for the week.. woohoo :D

So , many people have been asking and buying my Ever so famous bow earrings.  lol thats what I call the anyways. 
And they look like this.

So here's me trying to teach you guys how to make one of your own very easily.
This is just a one way I make them :)

To get started we need,

- Ribbon (about 1/2 meter)
- Little rhinestones
- Fabric glue or any kind of  strong glue
- Elastic bands
- A pair of scissors

1. Fold your ribbon like below to determine the length you want your bow to be. 

2. Cut out tiny triangle shapes from ends and burn, do this to prevent your ribbons from unraveling. 
3. This is my secret little weapon :D elastic hair bands!  

5. To prevent elastic from cracking, secure it with the glue of your choice. I used Aleen's dry cleanable fabric adhesive. 

6. After those dry off add a little rhinestone in the middle. 

 7. Let those dry up and add your earring base and you are done :) 

:) and of cause I take custom orders just drop me a message. Here are the ribbons I have for the orders. 

Happy Crafting!


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