Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Cold Porcelain mania!!!!

Hello people of the blog world, Okay... see I'm so darn creative, pshhht..
Anyways I'm back Earthlings :D woot

Yes, I'm sorry for not posting anything recently, I'm sure nobody even remembers me by now lol :/

So, Starting this week, I'm trying to do at least two posts a week. Hopefully I'd make it three or four weekly if it goes well :)

Back to today's post.

Like about six weeks ago I came across this magical air dry clay recipe called cold porcelain. You can make this at home with ingredients you find in your kitchen and craft bin, i mean how awesome is that?

For to make this type of clay it is simple though, I had to try out two times to get my first batch in the right consistency.
But to be honest once you get the hang of it you'll love it I promise.

For to make this air dry clay you'll need,

  • 1 cup of cornstarch (cornflour)
  • 1 cup of school glue (just normal white liquid glue)
  • 2 tbsp of baby oil (also can use cooking oil or olive oil)
  • 2 tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar (for preservation) 
  • Cream or lotion
Here is an awesome tutorial on the Microwave method from Celinescreations

And here you have the Stove method by Craftygamer

both of these methods are great.

This type of clay you can buy at craft stores too. But honestly when you can make a huge batch at home easily for under five bucks you don't wanna go to the store and buy tiny bit for twice that price.

For to color cold porcelain you can use acrylic paint.

Just roll out bit of clay and put a little bit of paint on. kneed it in between your fingers. Condition it until you get the desired color. It's really simple :) 

you can also dust off pastel chalk shavings.

So, these are the Porcelain friends I made :D they are all from my imagination lol, not the instagram though! 

Say hi you guys!!! I gave so many away to friends and family :)

I love these three in particularity, I made the peas in a pod couple in to a necklace.

let me know if you guys need any tutorials of these.. I will be glad to make a video or a picture tutorial.  

I made this pair just out of non colored clay. See its transparent. 

It's actually very nice for making charms and deco pieces. 

To talk about Pros and Cons of Cold Porcelain...

Pros                                                   Cons

- Affordable                                     - Shrink 30% after drying
- Easy to make                                - Seal air tight ,it dries out very easy 
- Molds very nicely                                     
- Pick up tiny details well  
- Very soft
- Pick up less lint and dirt

Cold porcelain is very similar to Polymer clay in every way. But only thing is that it's an air dry clay. 

About two days ago I went ahead and purchased a one bar of Sculpey iii brand polymer clay.

It was a bit expensive, I paid $15.00 for 8oz actually, and it's just plain white clay.

Here's what I so far made from that. :)

Thanks guys and hope you enjoy my post today. I'll make sure I get back to you all soon. 

Happy sculpting. 


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